Procedural Generation of the Asteroid Belt

I decided on procedural generation for generating maps.

  1. because then each playthrough is unique!But the real reason was:
  2. I don’t want to manually draw 100 maps.

Thus Generoid was born. A routine that creates an Asteroid Belt (the beltmap) with 3 outposts and x number of asteroids, sprinkled randomly throughout. And then generates maps for each of those x asteroids. (Outposts have a standard map that I drew. I’ll have to do a post on Outposts. An out-post.)

So I am using some very basic proc gen to build these 2D array maps that are basically just cellular automata caves. I used the method detailed here but with a few small tweaks to get things looking like I wanted.

Then I added a proprietary function called Mineral-Gro(tm). This basically plants “seeds” of certain minerals, the concentration based on what part of the Belt they are located in. Then for a few steps, each mineral spreads like a virus through existing rock formations that were built during the cellular automata phase. Kind of how rock formations actually form. Kind of.

Anyway, that’s about it for this post, but check out some videos I made during the process.

v1, basic cellular automata:

v2, had to change to pixels so the maps would fit on screen. this shows patented Mineral-Gro technology at work:

“Making the world a better place through procedural generation.”


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